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Conservatory Air Conditioning
Conservatory air conditioning unit

Conservatories are often add ons to existing buildings and can provide a light and spacious living space, however they can become very cold in winter and as hot as a green house in Summer.

Having an air conditioning unit installed can reclaim this living space for the entirety of the year providing heat in the winter and cooling in the summer.  Economical to run, they will not add a significant amount to an electricity bill.

The air conditioning unit in the picture above was installed by us for a client in Putney whose conservatory was just being used occasionally during the spring and autumn months.  The addition of the unit has realised the full potential of their conservatory.

Air Conditioning Installation in Putney

Bedroom Air Conditioning

Having an air conditioned bedroom during the summer months ensures the occupants can get a good night's sleep.

  Opening windows and fans rarely reduce the temperature to a comfortable level in the summer months and add a considerable amount of noise to the bedroom environment.

The picture above is an installation carried out by us as part of a refurbishment project.  As we were involved at an early stage in the build we were able to help plan the drainage, piping and electrical routes providing a flush fitting unit to blend in with the interior decor.

Air Conditioning Installation in Barnes

Bedroom air conditioning unit
Office Air Conditioning

Garden Offices have become very popular in recent years, however heating them can often be overlooked.  Electric panel heaters and fan blowers can be expensive to run and tend to be switched off when unoccupied leading to dampness within the studio.

Air conditioning units provide heat very efficiently and have the benefit of providing cooling in the summer.  

Due to the greatly reduced running costs and built in thermostatic and timing controls.  Owners are far more confident in leaving the heating to run all year round knowing it is not going to cost a fortune in electricity and protect their investment made in the outside building.

The work studio pictured was an installation completed by us in Surrey.

Air Conditioning Installation in Surrey

Home office air conditioning unit