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Unit Types

When it comes to desgining the required system for your home or business. There are a number of options when choosing the type of internal units to install. Below are the main categories of units available.

Control Options

As well as being able to choose the types of unit there are various control options for your Air Conditioning system


Hard to lose.
Not very portable.

Infrared Remote
Infrared Remote

Popular option in homes.
Can be shared between units.

Mobile App
Mobile App

Hard to lose.
Both local and remote use.

Technical Guidelines

The most common Air Conditioning systems that are installed are known as split systems. This is due to the refrigeration circuit being split between an external unit and internal unit(s). When there is more than one internal unit connected to a single outdoor unit they are known as multi-splits.

The external unit is known as the condenser and the internal unit is known as the evaporator. The condenser is connected to the evaporator with insulated copper pipes and an electrical interconnect cable. When cooling the evaporator will produce water (condensate), and when in heating mode the condenser will produce condensate.

Internally the condensate needs to be continually removed either with a drain or pump. Typically the system has the main power supply to the condenser and the electrical interconnect powers the internal units.

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Common Questions

Easy access to the condenser will enable the system to be serviced properly and should it ever go wrong easily repaired. Planning permission should be sought for the installation of an external condenser however many people make their decision based on whether they think the location of the condenser will cause a complaint.

Wall space often dictates where an evaporator can be located and will also affect the style of evaporator that is installed.

Depending whether the air-condition system is being installed as part of building works or as a retrofit will affect how the pipes can be routed. On our installations we will undertake minor building works to conceal any pipework as much as possible.

The referred solution is for any condensate to just to drain away. This is the quietest and most reliable method of removal. If this cannot be achieved a condensate pump is required. This needs to be installed so that it can be maintained but also so that the noise it produces is minimised.


There are various factors that need to be taken into account in finding answers to these questions and various solutions for solving the design criteria. These points are covered off as part of our site survey.

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