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Electrical Issues

We have the experience and expertise to diagnose and repair electrical faults on  all Air Conditioning Units.

From replacing worn out fan motors, swapping out PCBs, to smaller components such as overload relays and contactor switches,  we provide a cost effective and fast repair service.

Cool Electrics are able to commission and diagnose issues for air conditioning controls systems; from manufacturer proprietary systems to open protocols such as KNX integrated systems.

Air Conditioning Electrical Repairs

Electrical air conditioning repair
Heating\Cooling Issues

At Cool Electrics we have the necessary tools and expertise to diagnose and repair refrigerant related issues.  We can detect and repair refrigerant leaks and can replace refrigerant  cycle components, such as a compressor.  

All work is carried out to the highest standard.  Nitrogen is run through the pipe work when brazing pipes to prevent oxidisation occurring.  Purpose designed scales are used for charging systems with refrigerant.

We ensure  our environmental responsibilities are taken seriously with all work undertaken.   

Air Conditioning Heating and Cooling Repairs

Water Leaks

A common fault with any air conditioning system is predominantly water leaks and flooding.  These are very often caused by incorrectly installed systems and condensate pumps.

The photo above demonstrates a high quality pump incorrectly wired directly to the mains.  The result: when the pump fails, the air conditioning unit continues to operate, saturating the walls and anything below.

Cool Electrics can install and connect condensate pumps effectively. We install the pump so that should it fail the air conditioning unit will stop to prevent flooding.  We can also integrate a simple alert to highlight pump failure.

Air Conditioning Leak Repairs

Air conditioning water leak